photography by Francisco Sotomayor

Begoña Rentero is a fine artist, jewelry designer, and interior architect living and working in Granada Spain.

Creativity woke up to her from her early childhood… and her first designs were performed when she was only a child, by creating clothing, accessories and doll furniture designs. Designs, which she traded among her circle of childhood games.
She consider herself as a multidisciplinary artist and her work, in both fields, in the world of interior design as in the field of art and jewelry design, are characterized by a balance of shapes and strong contrasts and colors. With all her works she intended to convey vital intensity.

She takes designs elements straight from her paintings and applies them to paper, a medium she enjoys because of its “malleability and lightness, its capacity to absorb colors, and its simplicity” Rentero’s jewelry, mainly organic in shape, generate movement and has strong color contrast. Her intention is to “simultaneously convey vital intensity, delicacy and strength, simplicity and sophistication” and her clients “appreciate the magic, whimsy, fantasy, and touch of glamour” that she infuses in her jewelry. She works with all types of fabrics, and in her search for fresh ideas she is constantly researching new possibilities for materials and treatments: she has incorporated special paper, silk, wool, cotton, linen, felt cotton, and more into her works. She uses natural dyes, creating her own palette by mixing pigments to achieve the vibrant colors that distinguish her work. Rentero likes to make jewels that are delicate, yet somewhat tough.

When she creates a new piece of jewelry always says “a star is born” and she celebrates as a small birth of something that has emerged from nowhere and from her inner world. She usually invest a lot of time thinking about a concept, a germ idea, and she begins creating movement together with a shape, and as it gets define, color is merging, and the way the pieces must be assemble. And in that process she abstracted herself thinking in any time and place, sometimes a few minutes, in which she keep gazing a light, a cake, a dried leaf … She always says that beauty is everywhere and her look is like that of a little girl who sees her first Christmas.

Rentero’s work is sold in more than eighty different museums and art galleries in Europe, Australia and USA. And she participates in different jewelry events, like the annual exhibition LOOT: MAD about Jewelry that takes place at The Museum of Arts and Designs of New York.

As well, she designs exclusive pieces for different museums, pieces inspired by a particular author and paintings. Like the pieces designed for The Thyssen Bornemisza Museum in Madrid for different exhibition that take place at the Museum… or her last collection inspired by the masters of the Italian Renascence… This means to her an adventure in which she explores the author’s life and work and makes her create a piece with two souls her own and the artist in question.

Her creations are characterized by fantasy with a touch of glamour, because she believes that life is better with a spoonful of sugar.



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